Application for New Supplier Membership

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    To avoid confusion, please become familiar with the Benefits of Membership.
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    Professional Memberships are for Permanent Cosmetic Technicians currently practicing in the field. The membership has full voting rights. Your professional membership is an individual practitioner membership.

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    I have read the application for membership, including the CODE of ETHICS and agree to abide by the terms thereof. For the purpose of communication or dissemination of important SPCP information or materials, the SPCP may contact me via telephone, e-mail, text, or fax unless otherwise indicated by me, in writing. Only SPCP Trainer and Supplier members are authorized by the SPCP to send promotional material or communications to its members.

    Please read the following, and then mark at the bottom that you agree to uphold this Code of Ethics.

    1. Members are to maintain high professional standards consistent with sound practices.
    2. Members are to conduct business relationships in a manner that is fair to all.
    3. Members will promote professionalism in the cosmetic tattoo/permanent makeup industry without discrimination against any fellow member’s background.
    4. Members will further the interests of the Society and encourage cooperation throughout the cosmetic tattoo industry.
    5. Members will refrain from any immoral or unethical behavior in their business dealings.
    6. Members will strive to participate in continuing education to upgrade and improve their knowledge and skills.
    7. Members will follow all SPCP, city, state and federal guidelines set forth for the cosmetic tattoo industry.
    8. Members understand they must be in compliance with OSHA regulations and CDC guidelines as they apply to the cosmetic tattoo industry.

      1. Members will use only those tattoo products made in the USA or imported from reputable companies and will not use any product deemed unsafe or improper by the FDA.
      2. Members agree that manufacturers and distributors of equipment or supplies, including pigments and anesthetics, not provide false or misleading statements to the consumer and fully disclose all ingredients.
    9. Members will utilize safe practices of sterilization of all machine or device components that can potentially be contaminated by bloodborne pathogens. Disposable parts, including needles, will not be reused.
    10. Members agree the application of permanent makeup is in fact tattooing. Members will not deceive their clients regarding this aspect of permanent cosmetics by stating “this is not tattooing.”
    11. Members understand the process of tattooing is not temporary or completely painless. Members will make no false or misleading statements to the public through material; including but not limited to: websites, social media, brochures, or forms regarding the process of tattooing.
    12. Members agree that any training program at the fundamental level shall be no less than 100 hours (Not less than 65 classroom hours) in duration and shall include practical components under direct instructor supervision. Members agree not to teach any such program which falls short of these minimum standards.
    13. Members may not appropriate any Society materials, including items such as articles, videos, images, and membership lists for their own personal gain. Members may not reproduce or use any of said materials, including the membership list, for any reason without the prior written approval of the Board of SPCP.

    1. In consideration of the members of the SPCP who remain in good ethical standing, the SPCP will not permit the sale or advertising of products or services offered by, on behalf of, or manufactured by persons who have been removed from, or are ineligible for SPCP membership based on the SPCP Code of Ethics.
    2. All pigments sold, advertised for sale, or otherwise recommended or provided by a trainer or supplier must be in compliance with the SPCP Pigment Guidelines (see second page.)
    3. Pigments, anesthetics, or removal products must be on the market not less than two years prior to being offered for sale through SPCP events or advertising. (Other restrictions may apply – refer to SPCP convention materials.)
    4. Products that are normally used outside the scope of practice for a permanent cosmetics technician such as skin care products, lash tints, etc., should be sold with disclosure to the purchaser that they are responsible to be sure the use of this product by them falls within their scope of license(s) or other designations in their state or locality. This information must be provided in print with the sales of these items.
    5. Only SPCP trainer members may advertise educational programs. No other schools, certifying bodies, apprenticeship programs, workshops, or organizations may be advertised without the prior consent of the SPCP.

    I have read the SPCP Supplier/Trainer Guidelines and I agree to abide to the terms thereof.

    As a further consideration to this agreement, suppliers/trainers agree to provide products and product literature, including any written instructions to the SPCP upon request. Suppliers/Trainers also agree to have available Material Safety Data Sheets and ingredients listings for pigments, anesthetics, and removal products sold at SPCP events, or offered for any other sales or during training.

    Guidelines for Pigment Manufacturers

    1. Formulation of Pigments:
      Because laws are subject to change, it is the responsibility of all SPCP member pigment manufacturers, supplier members, and trainer members to understand and abide by the laws specific to tattoo pigments in the regions where these products are sold and/or used for training purposes.
    2. Safety Data Sheets:
      Safety Data Sheets must be made available.
    3. Pigment Bacteria, Mold, Yeast, and Fungus Retardant Ingredient:
      Pigment ingredients shall include a process or an ingredient that is known to retard the growth of bacteria, mold, yeast, and fungus.
    4. Pigment Container Labeling:
      Pigment container labeling shall, as a minimum, state: “For Professional Use Only,” and include the lot number, expiration date, and contact information.
    5. Patch/Spot/Pigment Test/Scratch Test:
      If a manufacturer requires, suggests, or recommends a patch/spot pigment test/scratch test be performed, the manufacturer or distributor of that pigment shall, upon request, provide detailed instructions in written format as to how to properly perform the testing procedure and how to determine the outcome.
    6. Pigment Ingredient Full Disclosure:
      Full disclosure of all pigment ingredients shall be provided on at least one of the following documents:
      1. The Safety Data Sheet
      2. The Pigment Label
      3. A Pigment “Full Disclosure List” provided upon request
      4. Additionally, regardless of where the full disclosure of ingredients is provided, they should be listed in descending order.

    Modified 6-21-14

    SPCP dues/membership fees are not deductible as a charitable contribution for U.S. federal income tax purposes, but may be deductible as a business expense. Consult your accountant. Membership dues or related fees are nonrefundable for any reason including loss of privileges dues to Code of Ethics violations. Fees current to 12/31/2018, then subject to change.